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James Bouteris

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Peter Phippen
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The Australian Valuers Institute was founded in 1938 and is the only Australian based industry body which solely represents property valuers. Our Institute aims to uphold the ethical standards of the valuation profession by ensuring that our members render service to their clients with fidelity, to practice their profession with integrity, honor and professionalism whilst acting impartially and objectively when providing independent advice.

Professional Standards Council   icon_professional_standards_council

In its commitment to service, the AVI is proud to advise consumers of our long standing relationship with the Professional Standards Council through the Professional Standards Scheme that applies to our members with Practising Certificates. The scheme requires occupational practice standards and requirements of valuers, which works toward a protection for consumers of their services.

The scheme is administered by the AVI for the purpose of limiting occupational liability to the extent to which such liability may be limited under the Professional Standards Act 1994. We believe the implementation of this Limited Liability Scheme to be the best protection for valuers in the history of the valuation industry...read more

Valuers take note,
If you do not belong to an Industry body that can provide this Limited Liability cover to you right now as a qualified practising property valuer, you should seriously consider membership in order to provide this protection.