Raising Professional Standards Since 1938

The AVI has long been facilitating the appointment of qualified Certified Practicing Valuers for all valuation purposes.


Valuation is a wide ranging discipline covering four main areas:


  • Real Estate Valuation (including rating)
  • Business Valuation
  • Valuation of Machinery & Business Assets
  • Arts and Antiques


The Australian Valuers Institute supports members working in all valuation fields and is responsible for both national and international standards.


Valuers within the industry have differing experience and expertise, and we recommend that you contact the Institute who can advise you in appointing a suitable valuer for your particular valuation requirement. It is most important to engage a valuer qualified for your matter. For further information regarding the appointment of a qualified Certified Practicing Valuer please feel free to contact the Institute direct.

New Legislative Rules for Valuers


The NSW State Government today announced its decision to repeal the Valuers Act 2003, due to a change of oversight of licensing within the industry. This change will bring NSW into better alignment with the other states, who have already enacted similar state policies.


According to the Bill passed today 17th November 2015, the new regulations mean that the state government will no longer be in charge of authorising valuer licenses. Instead awarding of licenses will fall to other industry bodies such as the Australian Valuers Institute, to oversee the numerous licensing categories for practising Valuers within Australia, thus saving the state government a large sum of taxpayer’s money.


The decision to offset a large portion of government spending now means that industry bodies are able to regulate and maintain the qualifications of their members required to operate within the industry. Due to the fact that a large part of the work done within the industry is done by large corporations who are able to maintain their own policies on work quality and work ethics.


As a result of these savings, the Australian Valuers Institute will be able to provide its members with lower registration and licensing fees across all areas of the industry, such as Property, Machinery and Antiquities, etc.


For enquiries please select the application below,


Membership Enquiries


For further information regarding membership please feel free to contact the Institute direct.



Next Bi-Monthly Meeting


All current and prospective members are invited to attend the next AVI Bi-Monthly meeting, to be held on the Wednesday 10th February 2016 at 7.00pm food and drinks will be provided.at Kam Fook Restaurant in Westfield Shopping Centre on Victoria Avenue, Chatswood.


This will be an wonderful networking opportunity to meet and greet others within the institute, and to discuss the recent legislative changes and its impact on the industry and AVI members, as well as updates on AVI business.






Paul Waterhouse,

AVI Chairman


Commercial Lease (Sample document) AVI


Professional Standards Council 


In its commitment to service, the AVI is proud to advise consumers of our long standing relationship with the Professional Standards Council through the Professional Standards Scheme that applies to our members with Practising Certificates. The scheme requires occupational practice standards and requirements of valuers, which works toward a protection for consumers of their services. The scheme is administered by the AVI for the purpose of limiting occupational liability to the extent to which such liability may be limited under the Professional Standards Act 1994. We believe the implementation of this Limited Liability Scheme to be the best protection for valuers in the history of the valuation industry.


Valuers take note: - If you do not belong to an Industry body that can provide this Limited Liability cover to you right now as a qualified practising valuer, you should seriously consider membership in order to provide this protection.



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